Meridian DSP7200

What’s the best way to run Meridian DSP7200’s as Roon endpoints?

I’d say a Meridian 818.3 … with Roon connected to its USB port (supports up to 192K) or alternatively via the ID41 card (limited to 96K and use the Sooloos protocol not Roon’s RAAT).

However, there are other options… a Meridian 210 maybe … What’s your budget?

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I haven’t considered budget yet - was hoping to achieve this in the software domain…?

There’s got to be some hardware involved to feed the speakers with either SpeakerLink (AES/EBU) or SPDIF.

I assume you have a pair of 7k2 speakers, what are you using to drive them at present?

Also what does your Roon setup look like?

Simplest setup would be a used MS200 and let Roon do all of the DSP. Other solutions may have lower jitter into the 7200s, but they may cost more.

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I have Meridian the 5200SE. Zone Controler is a Meridian 218 with a Zenith. Works very well.

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If you really want a current Meridian controller, I would go for the 210 rather than the 218, because it is a Roon Ready streaming endpoint. But it’s a lot more than an MS200.

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I run my dsp7200 with a raspberry pi feeding spdif and rs232 into the dsp7200. The spdif comes off a hifiberry hat and the rs232 uses a usb-> serial adapter.

On the raspberry pi, I run RoonBridge and the meridian control extension.

If your dsp7200 only has speakerlink, you will need a meridian ac12

Or a “Reviver”