Meridian end point control

I’m using my ID40 and MC200 for my Roon and have a recurring problem with them, they either disappear from the Roon list of zones until I reboot everything or they show but Roon has issues with them. The ID40 will be working ok but doesn’t respond to the power off command or if already off doesn’t come out of standby, I need to power it on and off with the Meridian remote. The MC200 zone has just stopped playing at the start of a track, just as often happens with Tidal music but with music from my library and I can load a track but it won’t begin playing.
I need to keep my Meridian core active until I can upgrade my family’s iPads as until then they are still using the Sooloos system, plus until my Roon is functioning smoothly I still revert to using Sooloos.

If your MC200 core is switched on still, your endpoints will be unstable when trying to use Roon. That’ll also be the answer to your “Roon stops playing” thread.

Meridian is working on a solution to this. But no-one knows when it’ll arrive.

Thanks. So until I upgrade 3 family iPads to ones that will work with Roon Remote and switch totally to Rron I just have to put up with these hiccups?
If I switch off the core is Roon then a completely smooth operating experience? I’m reluctant to turn off the core as I believe that I will loose the ability to get my M firmware updates that are presently pushed through?

Geoff, You can turn the core off with no effects, as and when you require fw updates for your endpoints just turn it back on, it will download the updates and install them, certainly no need to leave it turned on if you are using Roon, unless of course you are using it as a store and/or endpoint in which case use the Sooloos config program to disable the core.


Ultimately there will be a standalone firmware update method for Meridian zones that don’t have a Sooloos core on the network.

HQ might offer it or it could be something similar to how we all used to manage region code settings in the DVD players (remember those?). We’ll have to see if Mr Helpful is still around :kissing:

Thanks all. I use the MC200 for its analogue out to feed my headphone amp so I’ll have to disable the core function.

Ok. I’ve tried disabling the core in my MC200, but it’s still dropping my M end points, then tried turning off the MC200 completely and resetting Roon and my router, my ID40 shows for a short while then disappears again!
All end points are hard wired into my router and work perfectly with Sooloos.
I’m starting to loose patience.

Suggest it is something related to your network. Most likely your router.

Can you describe your network routers, switches, static or dynamic IP’s etc

Also, where are you running Roon core ? Is this using wired or wireless network ?

Read through this thread and see if the firmware on your ID40 card is up-to-date. It should be, but it’s worth checking manually…

@GeoffD I had a version of this problem, . My laptop running / controlling Roon kept losing my two Meridian endpoints even with the Core on my MD600 disabled, though MS200 was affected far more than MS600 for some reason . What cured it for me was removing from the system an additional Airport Express which was functioning as an additional wireless point to my Airport Extreme router in a ‘roaming’ wireless network. I have no idea why that worked, but it did. I seem to recall that it even happened if the laptop was hard wired into the network, which is even more strange. No problem whatsoever once the wireless extender was gone. Fortunately I can manage without it. I haven’t come across anyone else with that specific problem, but thought it worth mentioning.