Meridian explorer 2 and ROON

With the PI in between, I can’t say for certain

From the display above, click on the 3-button menu opposite “Den Meridian Roon Player” —> Device Setup —> Playback Tab…and you should see the screen as below…and it should say Exclusive mode

For peace of mind, you wouldn’t be seeing the Blue light if you weren’t already in Exclusive mode…but the above steps should allow you to check

very clear and thank you-I have the 2L on TIDAL and will download the same and compare. What I am listening to now is the DEAD’s masters( and there more than just what appears on the MASTERs page ie 30 Trips… and more not listed which is a real PIA). I actually think playing through ROON sounds ‘better’ than through the TIDAL app.
Thanks again for the quick reply-very helpful.

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Hmm, the choice for exclusive mode doesn’t even show up for me. Thoughts?

Can you post a screenshot for all the Devices shown under Roon Settings —> Audio

For the RPi3, which I assume is listed there…can you post a screenshot of the above Playback screen for THAT device?? that may well be where you set the Exclusive mode in your setup

Hi Ronnie. As you can see here, I have 8 separate DACs around my house running either direct connected to my core i7 server or via 5 RPi3s I am using as Roon bridges, plus 5 SONOS boxes (they aren’t getting much use any longer). Crazy setup. The screenshot I posted in the last note for the Explorer 2 is an RPi3, even though Roon doesn’t identify it as such except by ALSA usage for the output. JCR

Sorry Jeffrey
But at this distance, I cannot tell you why the Exclusive Mode option doesn’t show up for your Explorer 2…someone else with an RPI to Explorer setup, or one of the Roon guys may be able to help

By way of consolation, I posted my screenshot of the Explorer 2 settings as above…if I disable Exclusive Mode, then I no longer get the Blue light, or any lights indicating anything above 44/48k, when playing MQA or other high res material

So in others words, the fact that you are getting the Blue light shown indicates the your system is running Bitperfectly all the way to the Explorer, which is what you want…still worth chasing it down however


Thanks for the weigh in, Ronnie. Roon team, any comments? JCR

Contemplating purchasing Meridian Explorer2 just to try MQA on my headphones.

Would I be able to get MQA using Sonicorbiter as a Roon Ready endpoint?

Path is Ethernet to Sonicorbiter, USB cable from Sonicorbiter to Explorer2 then headphones plugged to Explorer2

Roon Core is in a PC in a different room plugged to router.


thyname-I don’t really know as I have a mac mini sorry

I’ve not tried it but don’t see why not. The sonicorbiter has a USB output afaik, so you should be able to plug in an Explorer2. I’m using an Explorer 2 plugged into an old Macbook Air (used as Roon remote) and it sounds spectacular. I’ve just added a Jitterbug to it and that improved a bit as well. Amazing how much you can accomplish with good headphones and these cheap gizmos.


That’s my feeling as well. A Meridian Explorer 2 and a pair of Senn 598’s is pretty hi-fi at a pretty low price (<$500). Course you have to include the cost of roon and tidal I guess.

that is my ‘kit’ so to speak also ME2 senn hd 598’s PLUS senn rs-195’s. i also play ME2 through my avr in 2 channel/7 channel sometimes try neo 6 music or pl ii music

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I’m playing the 2L Nordic Sound as displayed above on Tidal. My Explorer 2 has the blue and 2 white lights lit. However if I look at the signal path I see “Tidal FLAC 44.1KHz 24bit 2ch”:

My Signal Path is MacPro > Explorer 2 > Oppo headphones. Audio devices shows for Explorer 2 44.1 Hz/2ch 24 bit integer.

So I"m not sure if this lower bitrate reflects the Tidal Master, or something in my setup. If someone can recommend a high bitrate Tidal master that wold help.

That’s correct. The lights prove out you are listening and decoding an MQA file. The 2L is 24/384, folded down into a 24/44.1 streaming package. 24/44.1 is the usual giveaway that it is an MQA file. JCR

Hi David
That 2L Sampler Album is an MQA Album…with all the Tracks in a FLAC container wtih 24/44 data

When fully unfolded, that album [along with just about all the 2L albums on Tidal] will unfold to play 24/352 music

When playing thru the Explorer 2, the Explorer will output to its maximum capability, which is 24/192…and you will see 1 Blue plus 2 white lights to indicate that

Tidal currently is not sharing its Format data with Roon…and thus Roon will only display the native “FLAC container” data…which is 24/44 for this and other MQA albums…and 24/48 for the majority of MQA albums on Tidal

If you wanted one pointer within Roon that you are playing an MQA album from Tidal, the the “24 bit” is the “giveaway”

Non-MQA Albums within Tidal are all 16 bit / 44 material…with the vast majority being Lossless

So if you see Tidal 24 bit in the Roon Signal path as above, then that means you’re playjng an MQA album

Hope that helps


Very helpful and informative.


Hi Roon fellows,
Thanks everyone who showed/shared screen dumps and wrote great explanation, how to put up Meridian Explorer 2 with Roon so it works with TIDAL Masters. But everyone is with Wasapi and not Asio!

I run my Roon, Meridian, B.M.C Pure Dac, Signalyst HQPlayer and Nas.
On a “old” pc laptop and doesn’t get Wasapi working as well as Asio!
Is there some “program etc…” or changing I can do, so Wasapi works better?

I love Roon, TIDAL yeah streaming and can the basic things with a pc computer!
But in the bottom I’m a “analog” person, I’m a professional studio producer/engineer who started in 1978 on a Neve 8086 mixing console, 2" 24 track recorder, 1/4"-1/2" Studer/Revox master tape machines. With that I can do anything but when the computers came, I let another guy handle that! I’m also a professional musician, so I now everything about how it shall sound!
But a little behind in the digital computer world, but I’m working on it :blush:.

So if someone could help me out with my “problem” with Wasapi against Asio, would I be there happy and thankful :wink:.

Thanks from some one that loves Roon and streaming.

All the best,
Anders from Sweden

So almost a year later I’m playing the same album and getting a different problem. The Signal path shows TIDAL FLAC 44.1kHZ, 24 BIT, 2 CH, MQA 352.8KHZ. In my previous post my explorer 2 had the blue and white lights lit. Now all I see is the single white light.

Other tracks (such as Coldplay’s Trouble) which yesterday lit the 192kHz light now just light up the one white light.

If I go into my Mac’s Audio Devices for the Explorer2 for output it shows 2 channel 24 bit 48kHz which I understand is correct.

When Roon was lighting up the correct lights it turns out my Mac Desktop Tidal app did not. I have a support ticket logged to Tidal which they have assigned to development. But now I’m thinking that maybe there is a problem on my end since Roon is doing the same thing today. I just don’t know what.

Check to make sure your DSP is deactivated, and no special features like volume levelling are being used.

Check to make sure your DSP is deactivated, and no special features like volume levelling are being used.

Er, you mean Roon Settins/Audio/Explorer2/DSP Engine? Lots of settings there …