Meridian explorer 2 and ROON

Looks like you got it - that’s what I was suggesting for the DSP Engine (Disabled)

OK, DSP engine is disabled. Same thing - only one white lite on ColdPlay’s Trouble.

Afraid that was my easy fix. Only other things are such as volume leveling. Anything that changes the raw signal will throw off MQA.

Might kick it up to support

Not sure how to solve your problem, but my Meridian Explorer 2 is behaving correctly (blue and white lights) when playing higher res files.

Can you post a screenshot of your signal path, like this:

After a discussion with Meridian support we got it working in the Tidal Mac desktop app. The workaround is to set the Sound Output in Tidal to the Explorer2, not to system output. Previously I had been changing between my Oppo HA-1 and the Explorer 2 via system preferences/Sound, changing the output setting.

Getting it to work in Roon is another story. Even after I have exited Tidal I sometimes get the message “Transport in use”. Right now I can’t get the MQA lights at alll. Other times, I think like after a reboot, it works.

DSP volume will kill MQA