Meridian factory tour

You been on one of these tours @Chrislayeruk ?

I hope you’d have VIP parking by now! :grin:

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Thanks for that, very interesting. Judging by the huge crowd of workers seen in the factory, Chris wouldn’t have any trouble finding a parking space! I’m sure he will soon be replacing all that bulky Meridian kit with those snazzy little LG boxes shown at the end of the video.
According to Wikipedia, the majority of the company profits are from Chinese made car audio (JLR) and licensing (MQA etc), which may explain the ghost town of a factory.

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Some years back a family friend demo’d an active speaker to me via a Nakamichi deck. I now know which speaker it was. I was 15 or 16 at the time and it made quite an impression.

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Well, that was an annoying voice :joy: but I have been to the factory twice on tours arranged on the www.hitchhikersguidetomeridian forum. They do a good lunch too.
That video failed to show the Meridian theatre room and listening rooms. I believe they bought the factory from Tag McLaren with the proceeds from Dolby Tru HD and this was purpose built for high quality audio.
We also had a pre launch view of the Meridian F80 at one time.

Thanks for the video link, it’s good to see all that again and it does show why Meridian kit isn’t cheap but does last for years and years.

His description of the DSP 8000’s shaking the roof tiles was, of course in the Meridian way, understated. You really have to have a listen to them to understand…

Have you got photos of those rooms that you can post?

Sadly not, it was before camera phones were ubiquitous, but not so long ago. They had their projector at the time and were talking about HD (big at the time) not being where it’s at. They were at 8K in video which was too revealing.
You appreciate companies like this are so far ahead of where most people are.

The sound in theatre was 5 DSP 8000’s from memory, it really was a cinema.