Meridian ID41 no sound? [Resloved]


There is no sound while i play music with Tidal in Roon (only music i added) but in the app it shows that the track is playing and Roon can control the volume on my 861v8 (ID41) right before i started Roon (bought it today) i had a Sooloos server running but its offline now.

Local WASAPI (Meridian Prime) works.

RoonServer is on a Windows 2012 R2.
Roon Program runs on Windows 10 AU.

Support package has been made if you need it.

Sooloos had the ID41 in it’s death grip! i hard restarted the 861v8 (power switch on the back of it) and now Roon can play music :slight_smile:

Happy days. Whilst Sooloos and Roon could co-exist it is better (in every way) to shut Sooloos down and let Roon have full control of the ID41 (same for all other Sooloos endpoints).

I run ID41 also.