Meridian MC200 not found as an endpoint


I have both an MC200 and MS600 on the same network as my headless ROON server. Roon detects the MS600 without an issue. Unfortunately not so with the MC200.

MC200 is v2.494
Roon is v1.2.147

Roon is running as a service on a Windows10 NUC.
The MC200 and Roon server are both hardwired to the same switch.
The switch is hardwired to a wireless router so I can control via the iPad app.

I’ve turned off core functionality on the MC200.
I’ve tried both static & DHCP-assigned ip addresses for the MC200.

BTW - I have a PS Audio Directstream DAC/w BridgeII which is also detected fine.

I’m out of ideas for troubleshooting. Has any kind soul got any thoughts on what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance!

@markus46, Just check you are plugged into the lan port of the MC200 not the Speakerlink… not that I ever made that mistake :open_mouth:

Thanks Ratbert,

No - I can see the MC200 on the network. I can ping it and configure it with the Sooloos Configure app.

Is the MC200 still running Sooloos core ? If so, then maybe it is not releasing the internal MC200 zone.

Can you turn off the core and see if Roon then sees the zone ? It may be that the Sooloos core handles the internal soundcard ownership differently to a networked zone.

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No - I turned off core functionality.
I understand that with the version of Sooloos software I’m running that turning off the core is not necessary, but I’ve done it anyway.

Can you believe it?
I turned ON the core on the MC200 and now Roon sees it as an endpoint!

Go figure…