Meridian MC200 - There was an Unexpected Error: UnexpectedError

I am new to Roon and still in the trial period. I have installed and tried Roon on 2 different computers running windows 10. A laptop and a desktop. When adding my MC200 as a network share, the laptop works just fine. However, the desktop, which will be the home of Roon Core cannot find the folder and gives me the error: “There was an Unexpected Error: UnexpectedError”

Reading through similar issues, I restarted my computer, checked windows firewall allowed programs, turned off windows firewall, and made sure .net framework is up to date. The desktop is able to use MC200 as an audio output but not the music stored on it.
Meridian Control PC and Sooloos configuration are working fine.

Please let me know what info or logs you require.
Thank you.

Have you made sure core (Sooloos) is turned off on the MC200? If not disable it via the Sooloos config program.

Thank you for the suggestion. It was turned on, but it was also turned on on the laptop which is not effected by this error. I turned it off as a core and still received the error on the desktop.

hi @anon24814434 ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are very appreciated and my apologies for the delayed response.

Moving froward, just to make sure I am conceptualizing the issue here correctly. The MC200 is being seen by Roon on two devices, a Win 10 laptop and desktop computer. When the laptop is acting as a core the MC200 is able to be added as a network watch folder and be used as an endpoint. When you switch the core over to the desktop Roon can see it as an endpoint but can not add it as a network watch folder, correct?

Besides disabling the firewalls on the desktop computer temporarily, have you also confirmed that there are no antivirus applications running on the computer as well? Additionally, you are certain that there is only one device currently acting as a Roon core, yes? Can you please provide insight into how you went about testing each device (i.e laptop and desktop) as the Roon core?