Meridian MC600 data not linking accurately


So I have a mc600 linked to my Room controller. My issue is that 80% of the album labels are off. They are all off slightly resulting in misclassification of the album. Being as M has now moved the mc600 to EOL, I am stuck with it and would like to get it to work. Any help would be great.


Are you watching the MC600’s storage directly?

Right now, Roon isn’t able to read all of the album info stored in Meridian’s proprietary database, and you’re likely to have fewer album identifications than you would with more common storage formats. This is because the way Sooloos stores metadata can vary quite a bit depending on how the music was originally imported.

My advice would be do a native export, as this takes the metadata in Sooloos and writes it out to the tags stored in the files, which Roon can read easily. You can then store this exported copy of your music somewhere that’s accessible by Roon, whether that’s a local drive, a different NAS drive, or the storage inside your MC600.

If you need some help, send me a PM and we can work through the process – the MC600 should work great with Roon, both for multizone playback and storage, but unfortunately right now reading the Sooloos database directly isn’t recommended for Roon.

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