Meridian MC600 - Endpoint audio control - Fixed or Device?

I have a Meridian MC600 with 4 of the 6 endpoints in use. The Roon server and audio is stored on a QNAP NAS RAID with a separate HDD for Roon (v1.6 build 416). It has been working without problem for several years. I have recently had issues with my 861v8/ID41 card but I think that is a network issue.

The problem - no sound is heard from any of the active endpoints.

Setup: Each of the active MC600 endpoints are connected to an analogue to ethernet bridge to Parasound amplifiers which are powering B&W ceiling speakers. The Parasound amplifiers have manual variable gain which are set to max, and I have been varying the volume via Roon. Roon sees each endpoint and will allow me to play tracks. I can adjust the volume between -50 and 0dB but no sound is heard.

I have looked at the MC600 config page via Merdian Sooloos Setup - the Core and Storage are switched off and have left DHCP on - Roon is in control. For each audio endpoint, I have not checked the Fixed Limit parameter. When I look in Roon for each endpoint under Zone Settings -> Device Set-up -> Volume Setup, the Device Limits are now populated with Min= - 50 and Max= 0dB.

Any thoughts as to what the “no sound” issue could be?

I’ve moved this into support, more chance of answers there.

Thanks Ged - was a wiring error. Problem solved and everything working as expected. Kind regards, Adrian


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