Meridian MS200 mis-behavior related (I think) to vestigial Dev menu on Android 1.3/192 build

@danny @brian @mike – I think this is just FYI, but last night I upgraded my core desktop to 1.3/196/64 from (I believe 1.3/193/64) once my audio analysis was complete. Meanwhile, just tinkering around (uh-oh) I was browsing (but not playing) Roon on my Nexus 9 tablet, which still shows 1.3/192/32 installed, with no indication there is a newer build for that. In settings, on the Android only, the Dev settings still remain. In there, I saw that “Enable Mer Aud Streaming” was (still?) ticked. So I un-ticked it, vaguely remembering a recent post that might have said I should do that. This morning, the MS200 wouldn’t show up on the core as a networked device. And, after switching cables, ports, re-booting, checking the MS200 menu, etc; still no dice – no MS200 available from the Core desktop.

Finally, I went back into the Android & re-ticked “Enable Mer Aud Streaming”, re-booted things, and voila. There it is again.

If there’s not a new build for the Android removing the dev menu (is there?), seems like one should be created in order to avoid this self-inflicted situation.

As a last note, the only thing that is still weird (and different from before – I’m 99% sure), is that the right-hand light on the MS200 (seen from front) that indicated network status is off. Previous to the above, I am pretty darn sure it was on.

Also flagging @Juan_Antunes in case this is a fix for the problem he mentioned a few days ago.

Feedback from the devs (esp as to the MS200 light situation) would be appreciated.

Please don’t touch that accidentally released dev menu. It can cause you real pain, especially once we’ve removed it.

Check the Android play store, the next release was released Friday

As for the lights, you will have to talk to Meridian

My MS200 centre light is on only. FYI

Has it always been that way?

Gotcha – is there any way for the Android Roon app itself to notify you an update is available, rather than wait for the seemingly intermittent and definitely lagging Android notification?

I can’t remember. The handbook says it indicates network status and as it’s working correctly I am happy it’s off.