Meridian not listed as having a Roon ready network player in partners

Just noticed that Meridian are not listed here as having network ready players:

Rather surprising bearing in mind products including the 818.

On that page, manufacturers of RoonReady network players are listed.

With Meridian it is the other way around: given its pedigree, Roon supports the Meridian streaming protocol, in the same way SqueezeBox, Airplay and Sonos are supported.

Meridian is listed as supplier of Roon tested DACs.

See this list for more specifics.

Note the section fir Meridan and Sooloos networked devices.

Meridian equipment is not Roon Ready; Meridian doesn’t support RAAT.

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That’s interesting, didn’t know that, thanks for clarifying.
So if M kit doesn’t support RAAT, is Roon, is Roon using a different protocol (I assume the proprietary M one).
Lastly, in your view, do you believe that’s any audible benefit to using RAAT over what M are using?

We stream to Meridian devices using the older Sooloos network streaming protocol (which the Roon developers developed).

Under ideal conditions, there should be no sonic differences.

However, RAAT includes 6+ years of experience and knowledge gained AFTER making the M protocol. The 2 areas you will benefit the most are: features outside the audio itself, and preventing dropouts or quality issues arising from bad networks.

…as long as you limit your source material to 24/96 PCM.