Meridian Prime Headphone Amp as Networked Endpoint

I’m on the cusp of ordering a Prime Headphone Amp which I’d like to use primarily in my bedroom, I have a spare ethernet socket close to the bed and I understand that there are products i.e. microRendu, that will allow me to add the Prime to my network but I would like for Roon to be able to see the Prime as an endpoint, does the microRendu do this?

If not does anyone know what my options are or if its even possible? @RBM I know you have recently purchased a Prime, would you be able to advise me please?

You can run the Meridian Prime Headphone amp as an endpoint via USB. It uses USB mini-B at the rear panel. I was operating mine via a Bryston BDP-1 endpoint USB output (ethernet input) and the microrendu would function the same. I recently moved it into the office and it’s hooked up directly to the imac via USB cable.

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I use a Microrendu to my Holo Spring dac and the zone shows as a Microrendu, I also use an Allo USbridge to a Chord Hugo 2 and that shows as a Chord Hugo 2, not sure what defines the endpoint for Roon display purposes?

I was wondering if that was the case with the microRendu as it has a Roon Ready mode. The Allo may be the way to go, thanks @Ratbert

Hey Mark,

I use my Prime with a microRendu. Nice little combo.

Be aware that the DAC section draws its power through the USB connection – the microRendu powered by a 9V iPower PSU got a little too hot for comfort when connected to the Prime. I replaced the iPower with a 6V Sbooster LPSU – it’s only lukewarm now. (I have replaced the Prime wall wart with and Sbooster (12V) as well – it makes for a great and dead quiet combo).

Lately I’ve hooked up a Pi 3B+. Mainly for fun, but it sounds perfectly fine. A Sparky with USBridge would be a great (or even better) option as well.

As for pictures: when the microRendu is in use, Roon show the microRendu icon (probably since it’s a RoonReady device). All other options I tried (Pi, Cubox, MacBook) show a Prime icon.

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Thanks very much for that Rene,

I get your point about whether the Prime shows up as an endpoint, it doesn’t matter as long as the microRendu is feeding it a bit perfect input. The Prime will do its job regardless.

I was considering the Prime Power Supply to power both the headphone amp and the microRendu but it supplies 12V, so I guess that it’s too high.

I’ve also been inspired to try out the Mr. Speakers Aeon after all the glowing reviews I have read (but that will be at a much later date).