Meridian Prime PSU to power USBridge?

Anyone know if this is possible and have tried it?

The USBridge instructions suggest the USB board can be powered separately from the Sparky. Just wondering if I could make use of a spare feed from the linear Prime PSU and if it would be worth it to improve SQ?


Aren’t the spare outputs of the Prime PSU 12V? That would fry the USBridge, I’m afraid…

Thanks Rene, I’m don’t really understand Amps and Volts and just noted that the Prime PSU only outputs 500mA.

So can I assume in simple terms that the full voltage of a PSU is pushed to the device being powered and therefore needs to match but amps are pulled from the device therefore as long as the PSU can deliver it, the device being powered will simply take what it needs?

So I would need a 5V supply and amps can be anything above 2.1 to power the whole unit (Sparky+USBridge)?

Basically, yes to all of the above. :slight_smile: