Meridian Sooloos Endpoints Intermittent problems

When Meridian indicated that their Sooloos units may not be supported in the future I transferred my music to a Seagate 4tb unit and moved my Meridian storage unit on… I purchased a NUC Roon ROCK and attached the Seagate unit to the NUC. I still have two MS200 units and a 218 Zone Controller which functioned perfectly with Roon until a few weeks ago. Since then sometimes they are visible to Roon and in this case work perfectly as endpoints, other times they are not visible to Roon.
I absolutely love Roon. Is there any way to ensure that the Meridian units I have can be consistently visible to and working with Roon?

Have you any network over mains adaptors? If so, re boot them

I have MS200s and a 218 also with no issues but I have had mains internet adapter issues.

I have a couple and I’ve re booted them but it hasn’t resolved the issue. I have two different routers and networks in the house because of poor signals and this may be the issue. I’m having a new system installed early next month which will have just one network and I’m hoping that will resolve it. I moved an MS200 that was working

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At the moment to a room where there have been the most issues and it stopped working. So it’s probably likely a network issue.

Thanks for your advice. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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