Meridian Ultra DAC ROON endpoint?

I am buying either a new Esoteric N01 network player or the Meridian Ultra DAC . One of the determining factors is the ROON interface. I cannot find the answer in print. Is the Meridian Ultra DAC RAAT? The Esoteric is listed as ROON ready and MQA

No, it uses the Sooloos network protocol which Roon also supports.

Note that the Meridian LAN interface maxes out at 96K, though it’s USB supports higher rates.

Meridian Ultra DAC - Datasheet

Surprising that an innovator like Meridian would allow themselves to be so behind . At $23,000 and a name like Ultra I would assume I was getting cutting edge, now not to be considered. Esoteric is out of stock on the N01 so now comes MSB Premier into consideration with " The MSB Renderer hardware design running an ultra low noise A5 processor for optimal audio playback performance. Over the air updates will ensure that your renderer always has the latest capabilities and ultimate convenience.

– Up to 32 bit – 768kHz
– MQA decoding
– Roon Endpoint
– Up to 4X DSD
– UPnP Protocol
– DLNA Protocol"

I’ve owned Meridian kit in one form or another for over 25 years and still love my DSP8000 speakers (in a multi-channel setup) … but I must confess I’m struggling to invest more funds with them these days … so for now I’m enjoying what have.

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I stared way back with Meridian 561 and then G68 processors and enjoyed them very much. The local dealer is all Aces as well. I am not however buying a $23,000 DAC that is outdated before it arrives at my door. With most digital being outdated takes at least a month or two. :joy:

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