Meridian with ROON-TIDAL-network storage options

Please give me some advice here, iam still a pc dummy…

My ROON TIDAL music network

-core my macbook pro
-remote iPad and IP-control app
-storage USB HD via USB cable direct on the core
-Meridian 218 network card/unit-ID40 in Meridian processor-Trinnov Amethyst- stream and audio

Internet access

Outside to my modem/router in the cellar with ONE Cat cable my music network.
Input is the Fritzbox 7490 router and >> go to a switch where ALL other components are connected.


The fritzbox “protect” deliver a stable music network streaming from the HD in the case when the internet is not available.
Otherwise the streaming from the HD stops when i ONLY use the router/modem in the cellar.
The other option is that the storage(USB disc) can be connected to the fritzbox instead to the Macbook(core).


As all that solutions could be (much) better, my plan is

  1. to split the macbook as a core from that music network.
  2. make a professional or at least a save storage
  3. Add my robots for rip to the network/or not

My ideas-thoughts- suggestions-neeeeeeeeds

Reading all that discussion on the ROON forum and here is over my head as iam a PC dummy,
i have here some questions and need suggestions / recommendations and help…

A) The idea is to take the Macbook from the music network, use it as a Pc office solution independent from the music.
So i would connect it to the router in the cellar, so both network are not direct connected.

B) To get a core for my music network, what should/can i do ?

C) Get a NUC or ROCK or xx and/or a NAS ?
What are that, what the difference ?
I also have some older Pc what i can use for the music network,
but i guess a small unit would be better? and i prefer that as i can place set in the music room?

D) As i have no backup and storage solution also on my non-music network (only the solo macbook ),
i guess a need a NAS anyway.

E)I have two professional eumig “robots/disc copy” stations with a special sw for windows to communicate with them.
Usage is to download the music and store/rip it on a Pc- With the robots that each can copy/rip 25 CD.
That procedure can run overnight and after that the import of the music to ROON will be done, and at the same time i get the Metadata.
But the robot can also done independent of the playback/streaming solution.

F) So would should i make, which strategy ?
G) what in detail ?
H) What should i buy finally but dont get bankrupt but dont have a non future proof solution ??

Please make some recommendation/references with easy explanation so i can catch the logic
or even just make some recommendation when that is to much work.

Sorry again here, but blunder in that area is painfull for me…