Meridian zone playback disappearing

I’ve been having intermittent problems with Meridian zones gradually stopping playback. I will be listening for a couple of hours, then playback stops and I have to press the play button again. After a while, playback either refuses to start (pressing play has no effect), or playback shows in Roon as happening but there is no sound at all. It doesn’t discriminate between local or Tidal tracks.

It can be resolved by restarting Roon, but I don’t want to have to keep doing this. If I revert back to using my Meridian system it’s 100% stable over the same network with the same endpoints, even if not as enjoyable to interact with!


@thompo Hi Peter, Are all your meridian endpoints running the latest fw, eg Sooloos when you use it doesn’t prompt you to update?


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@ratbert Hi Russ. Yes, all my endpoints are up to date, both firmware and Sooloos software. I’m using a Control 15, 3x MS200s, an MC200 and a Prime, but Roon doesn’t discriminate.


@thompo, Peter, I am not sure what pc you are running Roon on but I had similar issues and resolved them by changing from Roon to Roonserver, this is the non graphical interface and just runs in the background, my pc is an i5 laptop 8gb of memory running Windows 10.


@ratbert Thanks for this Russ. I’m already running Roonserver, and it’s on a new iMac i7 with 32GB RAM, so it’s not really being stressed. I did check the load on the Mac from Roonserver at the time and it was minimal.

I’m not an expert on understanding the Roon logs, but there did appear to be a lot of calls to the endpoints in there, so maybe this is something the Roon support team can take a look and see if they can spot anything untoward.


Peter, what routers or switches do you have between the roonserver and M end points ? Might be worth a reboot of those.

Roonserver to M end points is pretty rock solid. Either something is hogging the core processor, starving the file delivery (where are your files?) or choking the network. Use of wifi can contribute to hiccups.

Describe your setup in a bit more detail…esp what else you may be doing on the core or the network at the same time.

@ncpl Thanks Nick. The network is all hard wired, Cat 6 and some Cat 7. They all go through a Netgear 24 port gigabit switch. There’s a mixture of traffic on the network, but nothing major, mostly file backups. Nothing else appears to be suffering slowdowns or choking, including the Sooloos system if I use that. All music files are local to the Mac, and the latter is often idle when these slowdowns occur.


Are any background analyses tasks running in the server?

Have you done any albums edits since the last server reboot? Internal album id’s o4 external tag edits?

How often does the server reboot?

@ncpl Thanks sick. There are no background tasks running on the server. I have done some minor editing since the last server reboot, but I having to perform these reboots on a regular basis due to another issue I’m having with Tidal albums disappearing from my library.