Meridian zones disappearing

Intermittently , but happening more now, the music will stop and select an audio zone comes up. I can start it up up again shortly after when the zone comes back up, but it will do this repeatedly. I’m using a Mac as the core and have a Meridian 818v3 and Ms200. All 3 products are plugged into the same switch, all hardwired. I have no other issues with connected devices in my house. Really frustrating, thinking about going back to Sooloos, that never failed me.

Hey @David_Shore,

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Are you running up to date firmware?

I am. FYI, also running Roon at my store controlling 12 zones of Meridian Sooloos devices, Qnap as core, never a problem. Also a hell of a lot more network traffic at the store. A weird one!!

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Bearing in mind the historical Meridian-Roon connection many of us run ID4x cards, without any problems.

Hi @David_Shore ----- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us. The insight is appreciated.

Moving forward, we have found that Meridian endpoints are stable for many of our users and as you mentioned in your post, the “12 zones of Meridian Sooloos devices” are stable in your store, so let’s try to figure out what is different about your “personal” setup.

With the above in mind may I very kindly ask you to please provide further insight into your setup using this link as a guide and furthermore, would you kindly also expand on the details of your network configuration/topology. I want to have a clear understanding as to how your various devices are communicating with Roon/your network. Having insight into the networking hardware (i.e make/model) and what the chain of communication looks like would also be very helpful.

Lastly, please also be sure to provide the firmware versions of your various devices.


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