Message of the day

Hi roon-devs

my native language is not english, but i would say even if it were english, i could not read the message of the day that fast when roon is starting. Its disappearing too fast. Please put an X on the upper right so that i can close this message of the day manually so that i can read it as slow as i want :slight_smile:

Thanks and cheers

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And while we’re at it: an option to turn it off completely would be appreciated,too.


+1 to both of the above ideas. Yes, I embrace my cognitive dissonance.

A big +1 to turning it off. I have always found it hideous.

I have already requested this in another thread:

I like the quote, but I agree it disappears too quickly. I would also like it to be possible for the users to add to the quotes database.

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in the meantime, it only disturbs me every time i start roon. And it disturbs me that the devs dont want to remove it, or any answer would be better as no reaction. So from that point im disappointet from roon, that they dont want to change here something or even dont want to give answer. I mean come on! Its only a checkbox to implement in the settings that i can switch it off the message of the day…

I would love to switch it off too.