Messed up metadata on Tidal (and Roon) - need help editing

Sometimes Tidal has it all wrong. If you look at this album “Trio” they seem to want to include bassist Dave Holland, who was not part of the trio. How does one get rid of all the references to him (eg, "all tracks by Dave Holland at lower left and then again bottom center). Then Tidal seems to think that vibraphonist Steve Nelson is a dead Tin Pan Alley songwriter, and even on all the local files I have (such as a Dave Holland session he played on - if you click his name - it refers to the wrong Steve Nelson). I am wondering if I just cannot find enough detailed information on Roon regarding metadata editing or I am looking in the wrong place. Please help (@support included). thanks much.

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I am fairly certain you can’t change Tidal’s metadata.

Ok. But this is from a local file. Here if you click on Steve Nelson’s name it just goes to page about Dave Holland. That has nothing to do with Tidal. So Both Roon and Tidal have it mixed up.

Oh I understand what you mean. I believe it has to do with their metadata server which is beyond my depth of knowledge.