Messy "SECTION" information from external metadata provider

Hello @support,

Doing some spot checking across my collection, I have noticed that many classical albums now show SECTIONs which I haven’t tagged directly, so I’m assuming that these come from an external metadata source. Problem is, many of the subdivisions created are wrong. Sections are inserted at incorrect places and sometimes contain spelling errors, too. I could provide examples if you’re interested.

If I create SECTION tags for the albums and select “Prefer file” for the multi-part composition grouping setting, Roon uses my tags and all is well. However even with this setting selected, in the absence of explicit tags Roon uses the externally sourced SECTION tags.

Is there a way to prevent Roon from using SECTION information unless there are actual tags in the files?

Thank you

I’m curious to see some examples.

Hi @Miguel_Rode,

No, there is no option to only use section data from tags.

We’d be happy to take a look at bad examples that you’re seeing though so we can better understand why you’re seeing this.