Meta data : how Roon presents a multidisk Album

Dear Community,

I’m in the process of putting all my CD’s on my NAS and in Roon.
For the ripping I use Jriver ( version 23).
Next step, making sure that the metadata is accurate I use the program called Metadatics.
the way I process that is that I pull all the CD’s in the software ( graphical display)
Next I make sure that they are marked as 1 group
Then I import metadata out of music brainz ( make it more complete) and to verify if all metadata information is correct and the I safe
after that I import the album(s) into roon.

I notice that in roon 50% of my multidisk albums are not displayed as multidisk but as unique albums or sometimes 1 cd out the collections is left out.

I have read the article

My CD meta data shows that

All multi disk albums hold the same album name.
Each CD is marked unique 1,2,3 etc and is also set that each CD is part of a collection of N CD’s
Every cd starts with song numbered from 1 to …z in incremental steps 1

I’m stuck.
I can’t see any error in my metadata but… clearly roon thinks differently
Any thought ?

Thanks Hans

What is the typical folder structure on your NAS?


What is the recommended folder structure?

I point Roon to a root folder called Music . In that root folder I have created a few sub folders like CD rip and HD music

The recommended folder structure is in the KB article cited by the OP.


Hi Hans. Sorry, what I meant was, for your multi-disc albums, are the ripped track files for each CD contained in a folders like:

Album Title CD1
Album Title CD2 (this won’t work)


Album Title
Album Title\CD1
Album Title\CD2 (this will work)

or just

Album Title (this should also work)

The reason for this is that, before attempting to identify the tracks, Roon will create “clumps” of tracks which it considers to be all tracks of the same album. Having Title + CD/disc number in a directory name will make Roon clump at that directory level and not pick up all of the CDs in the set.

Finally, what naming convention have you used on the track files themselves?

Hi Joel,

I have used the same structure for all my CD
Per CD I created a folder and in that folder there are is 1 or multiple disk(s).

folder : root folder Definite 70’s … subfolder Definite 70’s 1
Definite 70’s 2
Definite 70’s 3

It can be that disc 1 and 2 have become part of the multiple disk album however disk 3 is left out of the group and it shows in roon as a unique operate album

the naming of the track is first the artist and then the name of the song

example : Labi Siffre - Watch Me.Flac

Okay. I’m not sure why you might get discs 1 and 2, but not 3. However, please can you try renaming:

Definite 70’s 1 --> CD1
Definite 70’s 2 --> CD2
Definite 70’s 3 --> CD3

I was thinking Joel might have some additional suggestions…

Changing the name , That did the trick. !

Changing the name from Definite70’s to CD 1, CD 2 , and CD 3 groups them together as 1 album
I tried it on a few more albums and its repeatable !

Perfect Thanks.
Great support !