Meta Data in Complete Collections

So, I have a question about meta data in complete collections. I have purchased several complete collections as digital downloads, lets say America’s Complete Collection. I have identified each album in the tag individually, but keep them all together. Jriver will display them as separate albums. Roon sees them as a complete set made up of 7 different disks. The problem from my perspective, is that I loose the Roon information (and album covers) for each individual album. So I don’t get any interesting information about each album

As a test, I put each album into their own directory and then Roon will see them as separate. However, the meta data never matches and I have to go in and select the version. But, most albums individually do not have the complete collection as source, so I have to choose whichever CD release is closest and put a note in the Version section. But you get things like a 24/192 album playing indicating that it is sourced from a 1998 CD.

Not sure about the solution, except loosing out on the individual album meta data is not one.


Yes, what I am hoping for is the ability for Roon to use the disc name tag, so that individual albums in a box set or collection can be better identified. Also, for the option to have each disc to show it’s own images, so that as you say you can see all the interesting information for each album.

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