Meta Data issues some old /some new

No Review:
Talk Talk Colour of Spring
Kiss Alive!
Stanley Clark Stanley Clark
Kurt Baker Play it Cool
Jeremy and the Harlequins American Dreamer
Whitford St. Holmes Reunion
Goo goo dolls boxes

Bryan Adams Reckless 2014 Remaster Duluxe Edition not Identified
Van Morrison, its too late to stop now volums 2,3, and 4
Treat Ghosts of Graceland

Strange, I have the Talk Talk one now

I’m sure you re-identified so maybe it’s just a matter of time.

I still have 400 identified albums out of 2500 with no review which does seem a lot however.


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Talk Talk Colour of Spring [this review is now in the Roon metadata DB]

Kiss Alive! [this review is now in the Roon metadata DB]

Stanley Clark Stanley Clark [this review is now in the Roon metadata DB]

Kurt Baker Play it Cool [no review from metadata provider]

Jeremy and the Harlequins American Dreamer [no review from metadata provider]

Whitford St. Holmes Reunion [no review from metadata provider]

Goo goo dolls boxes [this review is now in the Roon metadata DB]

847 of 2271 albums without reviews
before the last changes it was ~920 without reviews

Hey Joel,

I did a re-identify before I posted. After your post, I again did a re-identify. The reviews for Talk Talk, Kiss Alive!, and Goo goo Dolls still do not come through. I had to remove Kiss and the Goo Goo Dolls from my collection and add them back in to get the review; however, Talk Talk still doesn’t come through.

The Talk Talk does not have an exact album release match for the HDTracks digital download, I have to choose the 1st option and add a track 9. Maybe a factor?

@Rugby Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your update. Re-identifying won’t necessarily do it; however, it appears that we may have an issue with auto-updating of these reviews. We’re looking into this now.

Just mentioning: I got the Talk Talk review today after manually reidentifying – same 9 track HD Tracks version.

Sure. Just to be clear here: you shouldn’t have to manually re-identify; we should be taking care of this for you (and we will).

:D, Then I"m going to leave Talk Talk alone and use it as a test case. I’ll report back every so often and let you know if it has auto-identified.

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Hey Joel, Day 25 since the last post. Talk Talk Colour of Spring still has not auto identified and is still without a review.

Hi Daniel. We found a bug whereby library albums do not always receive metadata updates if they have been manually (re-)identified. Do you think that this might apply to your library instance? i.e. You manually identified it at some point? This should be fixed in 1.3. Sorry…

That would indeed be the case Joel. Is it an automatic fix in 1.3? If so, I’ll just leave it until I can test it when I get the update.

Yes, once the bug is fixed, all manually-identified albums should receive updated metadata automatically on the usual round-robin weekly cycle, just like automatically-identified albums currently do.