Meta Data Qs - Picking up metadata from MusicBrainz for album identification


I observed that, while trying to identify an album, for some of the albums Roon does pick up the albums from MusicBrainz and shows those albums in the search results.

However, for some other albums it does not pick up the albums from MusicBrainz though the album name and artist matches exactly in MusicBrainz.

Is it because Roon refreshes its database/index for MusicBrainz at certain frequency (like Daily, Weekly, or Monthly, etc.) ?


Same questions, I have added missing album yesterday to MusicBrainz but still cannot identify it, i presume it has to be indexed first? wondering how long should i wait

Typically, an album addition may not be approved (in the MusicBrainz system) for up to a week. Once it’s available, it normally shows up in Roon metadata within a couple of days.

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