Metadata album title formatting question

I have a recording with two composers and two titles. Roon cannot find a match so there is no metadata. Could it be the way I have the title formatted?
This is the recording:

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I have it formatted this way:

Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole / Tchaikovsky: Serenade Melancolique

But when I ask Roon to find it, it doesn’t. Is there a better way to format the title?

I am using the Roon iOS app.

Speaking of which, I feel frustrated that I can’t point Roon to the Photo Library on my iPad to retrieve the correct album cover. I can’t figure out a way to force Roon to at least choose the correct album cover. Ideas appreciated.

As a mono vinyl It looks quite an old LP , that’s probably why it can’t be found.

Roon’s metadata source probably doesn’t go that far back

Release year was 1960. That doesn’t seem that old as far as metadata availability. I keep thinking Roon doesn’t like the way I have entered the title.

Just for fun check this out. While looking for a cover photo I discovered it priced on eBay @ $11,000! Another @ $6500. But also as low as $65.

Regardless, I’d still like to know what is the preferred way to deal with multiple composers/titles when entering metadata titles.

This is how MusicBrainz treats a typical one


the Album Cover (and I assume DG Format is )

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Thanks much for your helpful response. It doesn’t look like the way I’ve chosen to format my recording can explain Roon’s inability to find metadata.

Roon only looks in 2 places , AllMusic and MusicBrainz

Both you can search yourself , so if you have a particularly “stubborn” album, try checking these 2 sites ,its fairly straightforward. If you can’t find the album in either site Roon will struggle to find it

if you do find it copy the Album name into Roon (Edit Album 3 dots …) that should help Roon find it.

Not the same album, but possibly the same two recordings…

… which might be as good as you are going to get if it’s not been reissued as a cd?

I think it’s a good guess that two of those three selections are the same as my music selection. It does look like an interesting CD! Interestingly, I could find only one place to buy it and that was a download. I wonder why both of them are so scarce.

If you have a metadata editor, open the files in it and try changing your metadata to the following:
Album: Leonid Kogan: Violin Concertos
Album Artist: Various Artists

I think this should work. If not, go to ALBUM OPTIONS / Identify album and try to find it there. It should be there :slight_smile:

Hey @Echolane,

The mono vinyl pressing won’t be in our metadata.

Amended: there doesn’t seem to be matching metadata available for this title from our providers. You’ll need to use your local tags for this album

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I can’t find the 1960 release in either Allmusic or Musicbrainz; the 2017 compilation ‘remaster’ appears in Musicbrainz, which I gues is where Roon will be finding metadata for that. I believe it was a download only release.

The ‘original’ appears in Discogs; 28 versions including mono and stereo versions of the 1960 release with the same cover you posted. These seem to be the preferred release - if the sale prices are a guide to quality!

The actual recording (February 1959 at Abbey Road - probably) appears on a number of subsequent digital releases, including a 1993 EMI ‘Leonid Kogan Profile’ 2 CD set which might be available.

It was fun looking - I’ll have to actually listen to it now!

Edit - looks like the EMI is out of print and changing hands for £400 or so… but the performance does get some stellar reviews!


Qobuz has a BnF copy of the 1960 release.

My understanding is that these are archive vinyl rips, but my French is not up to understanding how/where/why!

Hi folks…

Do you know what this album information marked in yellow below means?

is the value of the dynamic range

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This one…

BnF is the French National Library. I think they have a copy of many (all?) records released in France, and have been digitising the analogue media. I think this matches your release, so if you were to ‘identify’ your rip with this you would get the correct metadata.

Do you know what the album Product ID is that matches your album art? The person who digitized my music copy documented label info in the metadata title field when he copied the LP. I edited the title on mine because it looked so cluttered with all that extra info in the title, But before I did that I used it to search for the matching album and it turned up the one I have pictured in my original post. I no longer remember the ID, but I do remember it said Testament and something like (and just guessing), AST-2329. Im no expert, but unless yours has the same ID as mine, it doesn’t correspond to what google suggests as a match to the ID that was documented on my original metadata.

I still have the original copy I inherited somewhere on a portable drive. I’ll try to find time to double check what the original title said the album ID is.

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Cross referencing the BnF website with Discogs, I believe the Qobuz version is the 1960 French pressing 33 FCX 845.

The Testament pressing appears to be a reissue of the stereo Columbia release SAX 2329. Also listed on Discogs. It seems to be still available from Testament in the UK. £19.99, 82 in stock!

Hey @Echolane,

Upon further search, there doesn’t seem to be matching metadata available for this title from our providers. You’ll need to use your local tags for this album. Sorry for my mistake earlier.

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The album was just entered in MusicBrainz. It will take about a week to show up in Roon if the edit is not rejected. So check back in Roon in a week under the album listing: click … > edit > identify album.