Metadata and connection issues with remotes (Solved)

I just wanted to share my experience, maybe someone will benefit. I had continuous issues with my 2 remotes, an Android phone and an Android Tablet. The cable-connected PC had no problems whatsoever. My phone worked, but was never loading the metadata while my tablet worked only after I restart the Roon server and only for a day, metadata was never loading too. I have installed and re-installed the roon app multiple times, played with the router settings,but didnt work. Anyway, long story short, it was time to replace my aging Cisco-Linksys E4200 router (with a Netgear XR300) and voilla…everything works perfect! in fact, it’s the first time since a year now that i see Roon in its full glory on a tablet as remote.


Yep. Many connection issues on the forum, I think, are really router issues. Those issues can be strange and even inconsistent between different endpoints.

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