Metadata anomalies

A strange thing in my Eric Church library is that there is four albums by him. Under those are albums ”with” Eric Church. That means that when picking one of those four, theres only the three remaining albums to the right.
This is not the first time this anomaly shows. About two months ago I had the same problem with Thin Lizzy. Don’t know how but a day after I wrote in the forum about that it was solved.
This time when I clicked Eric Church his three latest releases were absent altogether. After restarting the computer they were all there but in two different categories. Anyone else got this problem?

Strange! Left Roon for about 30 minutes. When I got back things had changed in Eric Church. The albums that was “ with “ are now the only albums I have. The ones that were listed at the top are gone altogether.

The last couple of weeks my albums with Eric Church has gone in and out of the library. Right now two is missing and one put in the ^with^ category. What makes it even stranger is that in ôverview^they are all there. Can you do something about this roon?

Hi @Jonas_Sjodin,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing here in Roon?