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I have ripped CDs on a Mac using XLD and everything is recognized fine in Roon, however, I have copied some of my files to a DAP and I have noticed that some of the metadata in the files I have copied are wrong. Specifically, I have 4 albums by “Weather Report” and one by “Weather report” (lowercase ‘r’). There are several other things that are slightly off. Is there a way to use Roon to correct this in the file so that when I transfer to the DAP it will be grouped correctly with the other 4 albums on the DAP? (This is a Sony NW1A, if it matters).

No, Roon does not amend the files when you change the metadata. You’ll need an app such as Yate to edit the files.

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Get yourself a tag editing App, it will come in very useful. You can actually use XLD to edit tags but it isn’t the most versatile or user-friendly app out there. I use ID3 Editor and kid3, both were free. Unfortunately, I don’t think ID3 Editor is available any more.

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