Metadata Database Error

The album “Music of your Life: It must be Love” is in the database. However, near all the tracks are wrong. I ripped it with DBPoweramp and my data is correct.

@BLH Hi Brian,

You’ve actually got a completely different album there. It could be (for a number of complex reasons) that Roon has returned this album as the top hit. However, if you do a manual search, it will return the correct album. I’d be interested to see what the screen prior to your top one looks like.

When I do a manual search for “Various Artists” and “Music Of Your Life”, I get the following:

The correct release is the top hit, with the incorrect hit you’ve posted the details for lower down.

Hope this helps,

I appreciate the help, but no, it not the correct hit. I’ve checked all possibilities and none match. Here you suggestion, which doesn’t work. Neither 1 or 2 works.

Hmm. Sorry about that. I guess it’s another pressing which our metadata providers don’t have. Out of interest, how many CDs does your release have?

It has 2 CD’s, please see attachment.

No worries about getting it wrong, I was really glad you looked? How many companies have that kind of interest in their clients? You guys are GREAT. Perfection isn’t required.