Metadata Error - Bill Laurance "Aftersun"

Roon shows my version as unidentified. When I identify it, none of the tracks match. All of the track names in Roon and AllMusic are wrong for this release. Not sure if there is another artist with the same name, or another album with the same name, but definitely incorrect track names. This is a new release as of 3/4/16. The Tidal version lists correct track names. Thanks!

Great new album! I’m glad I’m not the only Bill Laurance fan here.

Agreed! Going to see Snarky Puppy in the beginning of May - new musical discovery for me as of last fall. Can’t credit Roon & Tidal for the discovery, but they certainly contribute to my enjoyment of their music.

Checking AllMusic this afternoon, the track list is now correct for the digital release, no tracks are listed for the CD release. Getting closer, I’ll check Roon shortly and see if things are up to date.