Metadata error reporting

Or lack thereof.

Perfect examples: I have two albums by composer Brian May (Mad Max and Mad Max 2). Both are associated under Roon with guitarist Brian May of Queen. Because of this, any attempt to create a playlist comprised only of rock, both film soundtracks get automatically included because Roon’s database insists on misidentification of the indentically named composers being directly linked to each other instead of to their recordings. In Roon there doesn’t appear to be any way to either report or manually correct these issues.

Another example is my first edition Star Wars soundtrack on CD. Roon incorrectly identified it as the Star Wars: A New Hope CD soundtrack. Nerds will tell you there is actually a difference, not the least of which is that the Star Wars: A New Hope soundtrack contains a different album information summary from the original Star Wars soundtrack. Again, no way to report or change. Because I created this rip of the CDs in Media Monkey, I was able to permanently label each track, and reorder them in order of appearance in the film, but the album’s info in Roon mentions tracks that don’t exist in this earlier release.

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