METADATA field CUSTOM1 connect as LABEL

Is it possible that ROON recognizes and connects the info in METADATA field CUSTOM1 as/to LABEL. I organize my collection with Media Monkey and use (record) label as one of the fields. I have created this in CUSTOM1. I prefer my own label structure above ROON’s and used the check to confirm this choice.

Hello @Jurgen_van_der_Sande and welcome to the forum.

There is no support for arbitrary custom file tags in Roon. You can use the LABEL tag – just make sure to tell Roon to prefer your tag over its own (Settings|Library > Import Settings).

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Well, I do too. But if you want to use Roon you may have to adapt here and there. there are tag-to-tag copy options in most if not all tagging programs. So just copy your CUSTOM1 tag into LABEL and you’re all done. Easy.

And if you prefer to use your LABEL, just set the import options accordingly as has been poited out already.

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Hi @Jurgen_van_der_Sande,

As suggested above, using the LABEL tag and setting Prefer File in Settings > Library > Import Settings should do the trick for you.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Thank you! That part is set correctly

In my files I do not see the LABEL tag. I was looking for a way to rename the METADATA field CUSTOM1 in my db to LABEL but this is all new to me do so do not really have a clue how to do this. NediaMonkey does not offer this as far as I can find/know

You say easy, but how do I do this? First of all, I do not see a METADATA field called LABEL.

Thank you for your reaction!!

Example of METADATA in my DB

What about ORGANIZATION? Thats were I store my labels and they get picked up correctly by Roon. Didnt remember it was this tag and not LABEL…:blush:

Yes found it, “Publisher” in Media Monkey puts it in “Organization” in ROON.

Thank you all!!