Metadata fields that files must/should have

I like metadata, I like when a specific edition is identified.
I’ve ripped my collection using dbPoweramp, always making sure all the files have:

Song Title
Album Title
Album Artist
UPC (Barcode)
Catalog #

I downloaded Picard, just to try it and some results gave me a whole lot of information I’m missing on my tags.
But is it worth it to have all that on the file? Composer, Lyricist, Mixing, Engineering, Music Brainz id numbers etc?

Most of my releases are from Argentina, I have 500 releases from a label but only 46 have Musicbrainz entries, and 610 from another with 165 releases on Musicbrainz, so automatic taggers are not very useful since my versions are not on the db.

Ive added a couple to Musicbrainz to see if Roon picks them up, but before checking/adding/updating the nearly 2000 releases I have I wanted to check if it’s worth the work.

Or maybe it’s better to add the “missing” information on Roon itself?

Thanks everyone

Have look here:

My opinion: adding as much information as you have about a release to musicbrainz is a much nicer approach than doing it just within the Roon app. Nobody else will ever be able to use it if you do it within Roon - and that includes yourself in case you should ever decide that you want to use another music software. :sunglasses:


Thank you very much @ndrscr !!! I think I’ll devote myself to add my relases to musicbrainz, as I did with Discogs with te script you recommended the other day. It’s a shame it doesn’t import the relationships but, something is better than nothing, right?

Thanks again

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