Metadata for Greek titles/artists

I am part of the small community that listens to Greek music. I am wondering if there is a way for metadata to be in Greek.

Currently metadata (e.g., from Qobuz) is generally in Latin characters, transliterated from Greek.

However, the transliteration is not standardized, such that an artist’s name, or a track title, can appear in many different forms. This makes searches very complicated.

For instance, the artists Yannis Parios, Giannis Parios, and Ioannis Parios, are all the same person, and so are HRISTIANA and Christiana; Vicky Moscholiou, and Viki Mosholiou, etc. Track titles suffer from the same non-standards transliteration, so that the same track can often appear under different names.

The solution would be to offer metadata in Greek alongside the one in transliterated Latin characters.

I am wondering if anything can be done to achieve that?