Metadata for Qobuz available, but not for local library

Something that happens more and more often. Old fashioned as I am, I buy music - these days more in the digital format. They have tags, but it would be even better if Roon had them in their Metadata. But these recordings are not available in the Roon database.
Strangely on Qobuz in Roon, the info is available. Why can Roon not provide the info for the local library?

This just one example. First the Local (I had done the manual search for unidentified), then the Qobuz version.

Users that don’t stream are 2nd class citizens in Roon’s ecosystem because functional enhancements are primarily
built on top of streaming services.

Additionally, I would not be surprised if tidal and qobuz don’t allow integration of their metadata with media not streamed from that service.

Hi @Squeezemenicely,

If the only data we have for an album is from a streaming service, that data is not used for local content. Data must be available from our other metadata providers in order for the album to be identified.

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Thanks, that answers my question. Yet sadly it does not solve the problem.