Metadata from a perfect iTunes library unfortunately messed up by Roon

Dear Team,

I am still very new to Roon. I am getting into it more and more. One thing I still don‘t understand is how Roon is handling my (well maintained) tags? In iTunes everything looks good and in order. Every time I let Roon import the data, it‘s becoming a big mess. Even when I switch off all import settings offered by Roon and just ticking data from file, a lot of my albums get wrong names, artists etc. Is there a trick how I can only import the bare albums without having Roon changing any metadata?

Maybe afterwards I can play around and letting Roon adding some values. Can you please help? Many thanks.

Hi @Sebastian_Stoss,

Can you share some screenshots of an example album that is incorrect as well as a screenshot of your Import Settings?


Fortunately Roon doesn’t write back to your tags

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Very problematic are those Spoken Word albums.

I hope that helps explaining it. One more question. How can if force to let Roon display the albums of one artist which are all numbered in front of the title?

Many thanks!

Can we take a look at one specific album that’s problematic here, @Sebastian_Stoss?

Some pictures of the main album page showing the incorrect data would be very helpful.


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Dear Dylan,

Many thanks for your reaction. I think that is more a problem of the content. As this is a niche (German) product, Roon can‘t distinguish between role names and real artists. I have to do it handish. You can close this thread if you want. Thanks again.

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