Metadata from SACD's and Bluray audio

A small wish. I have a lot of SACD’s, in particular Japanese versions from DG Japan, Sony Japan, Esoteric, Tower Remasterings, etc. I notice that the metadata of these albums (ripped into dsf) is seldom in the Roon metadatabase. Track info is not the issue, but overall identification of the album.
Can Roon make sure that these albums are also put in the database. They are usually famous old (classic) albums which have not been released in Europe or the US. But I assume a lot of Roon-users own these albums.

@joel would be best to explain how Roon’s sources their metadata.


Until Roon start using user metadata the best way to get these onto the Roon database is supply the data to one of Roon’s metadata providers.

I did this for a few SACDs a while ago and they did populate after a week or so.

You can download the requisite spreadsheet from AllMusic.

Details are included on this page: