Metadata from Tidal not accurate

Has anyone experienced inconsistencies with Tidal metadata not being correctly attributed in ROON?

i.e. the new The Mars Volta album released Sept 16 2022 shows correctly in Tidal, but in ROON it shows as November 23, 2004 and is categorized as an EP. However under the file rating/format banner it is listed correctly.


I also notice issues with incomplete metadata from Tidal. An example is the recent Rage in Eden deluxe edition by Ultravox. In tidal there are many tracks with the similar names e.g. the 2nd disc is the Steven Wilson remix version. On Tidal the track is named "Rage in Eden ( Steven Wilson Stereo Mix), on roon it just says “Rage in Eden”… not sure why?

Probably because Allmusic uses the latter and your Roon is configured to prefer Roon (e.g. Allmusic) metadata over “File” (which includes streaming services) metadata. You can change this in the Roon settings either globally or for individual albums or for individual tracks

Yeah i thought that too - but I have already tried that. the Album is set to file over Roon.
Trying to change it on the metadate tab does not save the changes…

The tracks as well? Album title and track names can be configured independently, and you were complaining about the track names

That’s what I meant by ‘ Trying to change it on the metadata tab does not save the changes’

Weird. I am doing that all the time and works for me. Does it stick if you edit the track title manually?

Yes it does
If you have Tidal, can you try adding the rage in eden deluxe version and see if you can get it to work? Obviously only if you want

Will try a bit later

Hm, doesn’t work for me either with this album. But as far as I can tell not because choosing “File” name doesn’t stick, but because the “File” name simply doesn’t include the parentheses either, within Roon. All 3 tracks are named “Rage in Eden” even when looking at the “File” name. No idea why

Thanks for testing @Suedkiez