Metadata from Tidal not correct on many titles

I originally thought that this issue was a problem with Tidal’s database, checking their service reveals that they have things correct but Roon doesn’t!
For instance, Artist: Steppenwolf, Album: Slow Flux has the song order messed up and the wrong titles for the songs and the wrong lyrics.
I have noticed this or similar condition with a number of titles from Tidal, where the song listed as playing, is not the song actually playing. Going directly to Tidal has everything correct.
I disconnected Tidal service from Roon and rebooted my system re-enabled Tidal and the metadata F’ups are still there!
How often do you refresh your Tidal database?
Very Frustrating, as I’ve been honking on Tidal thinking it was their problem!
Core: Win10Pro, i9, 16Gb Ram PCIe 512 Gb HD
Direct wired connection to service provider Fiber router and AC Wireless enabled
I am an audio/video dealer and I show this system and use Roon to demo to clients and I would be considerably more likely to refer clients to Roon if this database issue was resolved, because, it is a spectacular system, operationally.

That sounds more like you have a database problem.
Post the actual tracks you have a problem with and the country you use Tidal in.

If you read my post, I gave an example of the Artist and Album at issue. I did an uninstall of Roon, making sure that all settings were removed. Rebooted, reinstalled Roon using only the Tidal link as my only database, no local files(music folder disabled in Roon settings).
A search for this Artist/Album brings up the same incorrect metadata. Playing the files and using Shazam and Soundhound confirms that the title playing is NOT what Roon says it is playing.
A log in to my Tidal account and search on their site, shows the album, in the proper order and when played Shazam and Soundhound both confirm that the song playing IS as listed.
I am using Roon AND Tidal from Canada. I have 3 other Roon remotes that ALL duplicate this error.

Is this for albums you added to your library in Roon?

AFAIK one sees TIDAL’s metadats when browsing the TIDAL catalogue in Roon but this changes to Roon’s metadata when a album gets added to your library.

For Steppenwolf - Slow Flux, different releases exist. If it’s in your library, you can try to re-identify the album and see if you can pick a release with the correct track order. I don’t know if you can do this on a phone. If you have trouble/it’s not possible, please use a real (Tablet [landscape] or PC/Mac) Remote.

Thank you! I discovered that for reasons unknown, the metadata was directed to an incorrect release of this album. Editing corrected the issue.
I was unaware (newbie to Roon) that Roon could overwrite the metadata from both Tidal and local data bases!
It’s going to take me some time to discover all, or most, of what Roon can do! Like learning Cubase! :grin:

Might be good to get to know the knowledge base if you are going to demonstrate to your clients.

Actually, one version of that Steppenwolf album has a metadata error at source. We’ve asked our metadata provider for a correction.

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Thanks Joel! I was able to correct it by selecting a different version, and great to know I discovered a “bug”!

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