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I set metadata library import to mostly use my iTunes-predefined metadata. But Roon doesn’t obey this preference and lists whatever it can also get from its own database. E.g. I don’t want to see 10s of partly contradictory genres with my albums, but only my entry. Also, the album artist is not taken from my own metadata, but somewhere else.

E.g I have 4 albums from Jenny Hval, but only three are listed under her name from my library. When I search for Hval, I find all albums, including “Lost Girls” but when playing “Lost Girls” there is not listing of the other albums that have Hval’s name as album artist.

Hello @WKW,

Sorry to hear about the trouble! Could you please send us a screenshot of Settings → Library → Import Preferences?

We’d love to help sort this out.

Sorry for my belated reply, but I was travelling. Here are the screenshots of the import settings.

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How do I upload the images?

See point 3:

Thanks, but my question was about uploading. Anyway,

I found the unconspicuous icon on top of the message pane.

Hello @WKW,

Great to hear back from you! I hope your travels were both safe and pleasant.

I appreciate you sharing the screenshots :pray: . It looks like the genre settings at the top of your screen are set to show both Roon’s take on genres, as well as yours. Do things improve if you turn off the toggle for Use genres from Roon’s metadata database?

As far as the next issue goes (no listing of the other albums that have Hval’s name as album artists), could you please clarify where this is? Are you referring to the Versions’ tab or something else?

Finally, you mentioned the album artist not being taken from your files. The setting for that seems to be correctly set up. Could you please share screenshots of an example? :nerd_face:

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