Metadata Improvement paused / Search has no results

  1. Metadata issue
    Since 2days I experience the error message above.
    There was no change in DNS / VPN / Connection settings.
    The core running on an Antipodes EX is directly connected via cable to the router. How can that be resolved?

  2. Search
    I am searching and still do have multiple issues. Example: I search for John Coltrane - Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album.
    No search results.

Thanks for your support.

Have you rebooted the server?

Sure thing

Hi @martin_foerster

Sorry for the trouble and the late reply!

Are you still seeing this issue? Normally it happens if you’re having trouble connecting to our servers. Can you try changing your router’s DNS settings and let us know if that helps?

thanks for coming back.
it did resolve - but with no changes.

this happened with no changes on my side and disappeared with no changes from my side - so this was not an issue on my routers settings.

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