Metadata Improver Error: iMac

Apparently a lot of ROON users seem to have this problem at the moment. So please help here. I am facing the same issues on my iMAC that has a reliable ethernet connection that works in all other applications but not in Roon 1.7 (528) Please have this sorted out as quick as possible

same for me on an iMac core wired via ethernet… this is really annoying. and nobody so far has provided a proper working fix. it is all try and error by resetting and rebooting. I loved roon, but this is such a mess now

Hi @Sven_Furrer,

I’ve split your posts out to it’s own thread. We just released a new build of Roon today, can you please install this, reboot your Core and verify if the same behavior is occurring? Thank you.

Hello Noris,

I installed your latest built and you you know what: Error has gone, everything works fine again.

Thanks a lot for your help guys.

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Hi @Sven_Furrer,

That’s fantastic news, glad to hear it worked out!

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