Metadata Improver Error: Mac Mini

I have the same problem for quite some time now. I am running Roon 1.7 (build 555) on a Mac mini with macOS 10.14.6, the library is kept in sync with iTunes.
Every time I add files to iTunes, they are shown in Roon and Roon can play them, but there is this wheel spinning on top of the Roon main window. If I click on it I get the following dialog:

The wheel is spinning for days now. Restart of Roon didn’t help. If I add another bunch of songs to iTunes the number of tracks changes (can get higher or lower, not a sum), but nothing else.

Please look at this issue, I’ll be glad to provide any information you need.


Hi @Dirk_Frohling,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for reaching out! We are aware of a few similar reports for this issue and the team is currently looking into it.

I will add your report to the investigation, but can you please also let me know what your network setup looks like? What is the model/manufacturer of your router and any additional networking gear? Is the Mac on WiFi or Ethernet?


and thanks for the answer.

My Mac is connected to a TP-Link TL-SG108E 8-Port switch and then to a Speedport Smart router from Telekom Germany (Ethernet, obviously).

I deleted the Roon cache in /Users//Library/Roon/Cache and restarted Roon. The spinning wheel and the dialog were still there for a while, but after the cache was rebuilt, they were gone.

I will add some more tracks to my library and see if it returns.


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Thanks for the info @Dirk_Frohling, do let me know if the issue returns.

I updated Roon to build 571 and bought a new album in iTunes. The started Roon again, the wheel spun for a short time and now everything seems to be okay.

So thanks for now :slight_smile:


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@noris Here we are again: I re-ripped one CD and added one iTunes album. Roon noticed it, added the tracks to the library, but the metadata error and the spinning wheel have returned:

The wheel spins for an hour now, restarting Roon didn’t help.


After five days I rebooted the Mac and restarted Roon. It showed the dialog again, but without the software update alert. After about a minute, I got a message that the import is done. Now it is quiet again.

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Thanks for the update @Dirk_Frohling! We’re still looking into this issue on the QA side as well, I don’t believe further info will be necessary at this time, but thanks again for the report and if we need anything else for the investigation, we’ll reach out, thanks!

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