Metadata Improver Error (Resolved)

The problem has been described on a Nucleus+ and a SonicOrbiter, so the reason should not be the core’s hardware.
And we are all on latest 528 version.
It’s a Roon bug.

I did everything I could on my Sonictransporter : reinstall 1.7 , restart, reboot, shut down, turn on ! And guess what ? No more problem :+1::sweat_smile:

Hi @KDZ,

Glad to heat that the issue has been resolved with that procedure!

The problem came back :frowning:
It’s strange because I didn’t change anything in my set up system since a long time and all was working fine before.
internet box -> 1 rj45 -> aqvox router -> -> 2 rj45 -> -> Sonictransporter Core and Metrum Ambre Player.

It’s gone.
It comes and goes :slight_smile:

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