Metadata Improver: Nucleus [Resolved]

I just noticed this on my system as well. I see this message on my iMac Pro running 10.15.4. The core server is a Nucleus +. The Nucleus + is OS 1.0 build 183. Roon Server software version 1.7 (build 521) the roon Labs software is Version 1.0 (build 12).

I never noticed this problem until today.

I am wrting this today at 2:53 MST. I also note that at this moment there is the still unresolved problem of Roon using to much CPU on my desktop:

Nothing has changed in my network since the system was installed last year.

Just to add a bit. Today the system seemed stuck trying to load the library. I rebooted my Nucleus + and then was told I needed to do a software update. I did this. I connected again and was prompted again to do a software update. I did this again and that seems to have solved the problem for now. There was a message that said a database update was needed and that this may take longer than normal. Everything seems normal now.

Hi @Jon_Saperia,

Thanks for the update here! If the issue reoccurs (hopefully it won’t but if it does), please do feel free to reach out to us again and reference this thread, thanks!

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