Metadata Improver Paused and Connection Verification Issue in Roon (ref#GGG5OW)

What’s happening?

· Something else

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· I'm having trouble adding music to my library

Describe the issue

I recently added music to my library and now get a message saying Metadata improver is paused and Roon is having trouble verifying my connection. 42 tracks added, 0 tracks identified. I am connected to the internet and I'm running the latest version of Roon (build 1413). The icon top right has been spinning for several days. How do I fix it or stop it? Roon server is a Mac mini Intel, desktop a Mac mini M1. Thanks.

Describe your network setup

Starlink, TP Deco X55 routers, TP-Link 8 Port Gigabit Network Switch,

Switch everything off

Restart your router wait until the connection is good

Restart your core

This error is caused by a bad connection to the Roon cloud

Thanks. That worked. I’d like to avoid it happening again though as kicking everyone off the network is a pain. Any clues as to the cause?

Usually a communication error with the cloud servers.

Glad it worked , the reason could be many , maybe a power dip dropping your network temporarily.

I shut everything down every night in the summer due to potential lightening damage, so I see it daily .

The network startup takes far longer than Roon start up , so if you start everything at once , the Roon server is running but no internet yet , if you delay the Roon startup until the network is up, i.e. internet light showing it should never happen.

I start the network , get the coffee machine running , then come back and start Roon :rofl:

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