Metadata Improver: Paused Requires RoonServer Restart [Ticket In]

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus Rev B

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Easiconnect Modem
Araknis Network switches & Gigabit Router

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Vault 2 connected to Bluesound powernode2, pulse 2, and Anthem STR preamp
I am using iPhone 15 Pro (iOS 17.0.3), my iPad mini 6 (iOS 17.0.3) and my iMac late 2015 (mac)OS Big Sur, version 11.7.10) as Roon Servers.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I was exploring setting up a backup for my Roon (yes I know - should have done this as I started 2 years ago!) and inadvertently started a wrong download of unknown data. This has set up a loop of some sort and the Nucleus is trying to download bad data that has paused the Metadata improver.
I am attaching 2 screenshots that show something of the problem. For example the library has 19 tracks to add, which has changed over a period of several days from 10 tracks to 19.


There seem to be odd performance issues such as intermittent freezing since this started.

Have you rebooted it?

I tried rebooting at the beginning but that was many days ago.

Hi @Wayne_Richardson

You may want to cover over your email address in the above screenshot

This has happened to me twice in the past 7 days.

Is your music on the nucleus?

Try and go to settings on the Roon remote. Head to library and turn off background analysis.

Reboot. Does the metadata improver paused message disappear?,properly%20communicate%20with%20our%20servers.

My music resides on my Bluesound vault.

I will try out your suggestion.

Also reboot you Vault.

Do one thing at a time though to see which, if any resolve it.

It’s possible it’ll happen again, but then you’ll know the trick to get it working.

It is pain though

OK. I rebooted the nucleus and the swirl isn’t there and there is no paused message. Do I now turn background analysis on again and if so what speed do I pick?

Yes, turn on background analysis. Set 1 core, it’s what I do. YMMV

Thanks Menzies.

Hope it behaves for you.

I’m about to do the same at my end after Roon did a very similar thing as yours.


BTW how can I delete the download with email shown?

Can you edit your posts. If so delete the image.

If not I’ll flag a moderator for assistance

OK I found the edit button and it is gone. Thanks again and goodnight!!!

Hi @Wayne_Richardson,

Thank you for the report. The team is investigating and, with your permission, would like to enable more granular diagnostics on your Nucleus that will send more verbose RoonOS logging to our servers automatically.

At your convenience, we’re curious if you can clarify the following information and provide a few tests:

  1. If you disable your local storage locations (including the Vault) temporarily, are you able to reproduce this issue with only Tidal/Qobuz/KKBOX enabled?

  2. Where are the Araknis switches and Araknis router in your network setup, relative to both the Nuclues and Vault?

  3. Do you experience any audio dropouts with any endpoint? What about other warnings within Roon?

  4. Lastly, please share a screenshot of the Nucleus Web Administration Page at your convenience.

It is late here and I just saw your note to me. I’ll try to deal with some answers tomorrow, but in the meanwhile I’m sending you the requested screen shot.

This is the requested page, below.
Go to settings, setup, find roon os.

Sorry about that - didn’t go far enough.

Here is the screenshot.

I just had another loop issue which I remedied using the library background fix.

With regard to your 4 questions:

  1. I’m not sure what you mean here. The only storage location is the vault. I do have a NAS which hasn’t been connected to the nucleus. If I temporarily disabled the vault, I have no idea how to try to reproduce the problem??

  2. The The araknis router and switches are in the basement where I have also located the NAS, the modem from the cable company and the nucleus. There is another araknis switch in my AV unit beside my Bluesound Vault and Powernode. These are on our main floor. I’ve attached a couple of photos.

  3. I have generally used my iPad mini for playing roon in the house. The iMac seems to mirror what the iPad does and when I fixed the problem this morning using the iPad, it fixed the iMac. With the issues I have been having I’ve taken to “checking things out” on my phone and iMac which has only seemed to compound the instability. For example, the other day I picked up my iPhone went to Roon and music I was playing through the iPad immediately stopped. I’ve decided to only use my iPhone if I have closed the iPad, and vice versa from now on. I am curious as to whether the iPhone issue is caused by trying to open some album that is on Tidal only?

  4. I sent the Screenshot of the Nucleus Web Admin Page in a separate note earlier.

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Hi @Wayne_Richardson,

Thank you for the additional details. We’ve identified the mechanism for the metadata improver pause; unfortunately, this is a known bug that development is working behind the scenes to address.

Beyond the workaround of disabling and/or throttling Background Analysis and/or restarting RoonServer, there aren’t known steps to remedy the issue at the moment. However, we’ll have a fix in an upcoming release, so there will be no action required on your part to resolve the issue.

We’ll keep this thread open and notify you when the fix is ready for release.