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I use Roon both at home and work, deauthorizing one when I switch to the other. It’s a faff but not enough to buy a second licence. I only need one seat.

The main problem is that I usually get the “Metadata improver: Paused” message when I switch; often twice a day on weekdays. Core machine resets usually help but not always.

Is there a recommended procedure when deauthorizing? Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I have the same. Metadata improver paused, after the switch. Restarting the server fixes it.


I think the only way round it is as you’ve discovered- deauthorise, reboot that server.
Go to new server, reboot that then reauthorise.

It’s obviously some sort of Comms failure to the Roon licensing system but precisely what only Roon knows, if they do :slightly_smiling_face:


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